GTB Showcases Cloud Security & Zero Trust at Black Hat USA 2019

Cloud Security & Zero Trust at Black Hat

August 2, 2019

Newport Beach, CA USA


GTB Technologies, the global leader of Data Protection / Cyber Security solutions and winner of the coveted “2019 Best DLP Solution Provider” Award from Acquisition International announces the showcasing of its award winning Data Protection that Works Platform including the latest additions to its Data Security Portfolio (DSP)  August 7 – 8th at Black Hat USA (booth 2028) Las Vegas, NV and invites attendees to booth 2028.

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GTB Technologies will be demonstrating some new and unique solutions recently added to its Data Security that Works portfolio (DSP) during Black Hat 2019. These include the:


GTB File Share Auditor

a new and unique solution which provides the most advanced visibility into user file share activities. The File Auditor is file share agnostic, supports any file-share storage, provides the continuous monitoring of file user activities, including identifying suspicious or malicious activity while focusing on accurately controlling data movement to and from any file share directory.


A new solution specifically for the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) which adds GTB’s unparalleled accurate discovery and classification capabilities to automatically discover, classify and control CCPA affected data while protecting such data from a breach.


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About GTB Technologies, Inc

Named Best DLP Solution provider of 2019 by AI, GTB’s Data Security that Works platform integrates content, context and location awareness along with encryption, redaction and data level controls to reduce the risk of and / or prevent sensitive data loss, misuse, and / or data theft. Its patented technology permits organizations the ability to accurately monitor, audit, control, and prevent sensitive data from malicious theft, while automatically enforcing data security policies and procedures. GTB’s modular platform which when using fingerprinted data, provides a catch rate of 100 percent, with no comparison data saved** permitting secure data sharing across multiple computing environments.  This pin point detection accuracy coupled with continuous monitoring  gives organizations facing  budgetary restrictions and regulatory challenges a tough, effective defense.

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