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International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Compliance

 ITAR / OFAC Data Protection


icon_10Export control laws are federal regulations that control the conditions under which certain information, technologies, and commodities can be transmitted to any foreign national. The laws are implemented by the Department of State through the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), and the Department of the Treasury through its Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).


What specific sensitive information must organizations safeguard under ITAR/OFAC?

Export control regulations affect technical data (information related to defense articles and defense services), not including information in the public domain. Also affected is a range of data that consists of, supports, describes, or accompanies the actual exported good or service, including:

  • Items that appear on, or are closely related to, the U.S. Munitions List
  • Information covered by an invention secrecy order


How GTB  can help demonstrate compliance while keeping sensitive data safe?

The GTB suite has the ability to protect company intellectual property stored, in use and at the endpoint. An organization with the use of the GTB suite can discover sensitive information stored on laptops, or servers or desktops across its enterprise, monitor this data in motion, and prevent it from leaving the network by accurately blocking unauthorized transmission. The organization can also demonstrate compliance with U.S. export controls of sensitive intellectual property, including ITAR or OFAC, and protect confidential employee and customer data to help demonstrate compliance with other regulations such as FISMA, HIPAA and the EU data directive.


GTB Technologies provides comprehensive data loss prevention for any organization that transacts business.

Some of the many advantages are:


Detection Accuracy

GTB’s AccuMatch™ detection suite, recognized as having the highest accuracy in the industry, giving the GTB detection engine a virtual zero false positive and a zero false negative rate.


Monitor and prevent sensitive data usage

Network, Advanced Endpoint: GTB Technologies provides the ability to monitor and block data loss on ANY PROTOCOL (including email, IM, Web, Secure Web (HTTP over SSL), FTP, P2P, and generic TCP. Endpoint protection includes storage devices such as USB drives, CD/DVDs, etc.


Internal controls

GTB allows organizations to demonstrate internal controls to comply with Cybersecurity requirements that mandate the establishment, documentation, and maintenance of electronic access to critical cyber assets.


Discover, Classify, Archive & Inventory

GTB offers automatic identification and classification of export control data


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