The Guide to Complying with GDPR

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The Guide to Complying with GDPR

This paper focuses on the first main steps toward compliance and is intended for audiences who already understand the EU’s GDPR requirements from a data protection point of view.

Readers acquire a strategy to get control of an organization’s PII data in order to achieve GDPR compliance, among many other key benefits.   They also learn about extending data loss prevention to apply digital rights management to their PII / GDPR data.  GTB’s white paper also explores one of the most difficult requirements of GDPR, the requirement to report on all PII files and data when requested by a customer. Aside from GDPR Reporting, one will also learn how to comply with GDPR on a variety of items, including:

  • Discovering PII / sensitive data by policy
  • Classifying PII Data
  • Protecting PII data
  • Responding to customer inquiries

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