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Why Customers are Switching UP

With the ever-changing and growing landscape of data sprawl, compliance requirements, and insider risks, companies are experiencing increased challenges to keep up – even with an existing solution.

GTB customers switch up as:

  • Their expanding data is difficult to protect and govern with their current solution
  • Their lack of confidence in existing solutions to detect and prevent sensitive data breaches
  • They’re concerned about data leaking from remote, WFH employees

GTB’s Data Security that Workstm platform offers

solutions to adapt and scale so that one can find and protect sensitive information that’s on their remote workstations, on-premises, or within hosted services and the cloud; while providing their employees the collaboration and productivity that’s required.

As the creator of DLP for Intellectual Property, our proven detection engines offer a virtual zero false positive and zero false-negative return*. This reduces those thousands of bogus events, causing one to shelve the solution. With the detection accuracy along with channel visibility, enterprises have what it needs to prevent sensitive data breaches (of both unstructured and structured) from both insider and outsider threats.

Being different and unique, GTB does not need to “tag” data before deploying. GTB uniquely and automatically classifies, watermarks, and tags data – ensuring sensitive data stays where it belongs, even if users cut and paste it, rename the file type, or try to encrypt it.

OCR? even at the Endpoint, you bet!

GTB offers OCR for data in motion, at the Endpoint, and for data discovery.   The solutions are so intelligent they can scan the PC for data regardless of the file type while automatically classifying any file type.

So where’s the Gartner MQ?

Let’s get real, unlike some of the other data security vendors, GTB has never hired, nor employed any of the Gartner Analysts who authored the last few, now dated or defunct DLP Reports – Magic Quadrant for DLP.  

In a 2018 paper, Gartner analysts wrote that “many in the market overstate the simplicity of deployments, the level of out-of-the-box accuracy in identifying content and visibility, and the control over all applications.”[i]

 Why pick GTB?

GTB Technologies is the only company, in the DLP space, that is controlled by its Co-founder. This independence offers us the unique ability to focus on our customers rather than investors’ short-term objectives.  How many times have the traditional solution providers changed ownership?  How well did that go?


GTB provides a data loss prevention (DLP) solution that offers real-time data classification of ALL outbound / inbound transmissions from the Network &/ Devices while automatically enforcing security policies on security violations including blocking. The key is to protect the content, not the file. So, if the same content resides in multiple files of different formats, the system must still detect it and enforce actions on the transmission.  This is one of our many differentiators.  Not to mention, our best-in-class award-winning customer support team.

GTB not only offers data security as a managed service. We have SaaS delivery models (either on the GTB Cloud or your own) along with traditional on-premises models.  

GTB Data Security Scales

Increased Visibility

One of the key differentiators to the GTB Data Protection System is its proprietary, patented, and patent-pending Data AccuMatch detection and Intelligent Smart Search algorithms.

Discover & Classify sensitive data, Accurately

GTB Data Security that Works increasing sensitive data types list which includes types defined by privacy regulations (GDPR, PCI, PII, NY_DFS, HIPAA, CCPA, etc.).

Cross Platform

Windows, MacOS, Linux; browser and native based.

Automated Data Protection thats Flexible

Discover, Classify, and Protect sensitive data on-premises and in the cloud – accurately and fast. Including detection by fingerprints, EDM, reg-ex, tags, and others.

Central Management

A true GR&C tool, GTB’s Central Console provides enterprise data analytics and advanced enterprise report options via a single pane of glass.

Cloud Delivered or On-premises

Powered by AWS, Azure, Google, or host on-prem; all are elastic and scalable

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