What are Endpoint Protection Platforms?

What are Endpoint Protection Platforms?


 Endpoint Protection with DiscoveryThe latest morphing of cyber security tools into a “platform” solution is the “Endpoint Protection Platform” or EPP.  EPP is another fancy name for a solution which offers anti-virus, anti-malware and a few other cyber-security features, none of which can accurately stop data from being ex-filtrated (either by accident or intentionally.)


According to Gartner’s latest Endpoint Protection Platform Magic Quadrant, “Data protection features, such as encryption and DLP, are common among EPP solutions. Again, the quality of the products must be weighed against the value of integration.  Only one vendor has integrated threat protection and data protection in a meaningful way beyond reporting and deployment ease.”[i]

As with EPP’s counterpart, EDR; the current selection of EPP solutions do not have the necessary continuous monitoring and accurate detection feature sets needed to be able to accurately detect and protect sensitive data (in files or file-less states) from being exfiltrated.


GTB DLP that Works Endpoint fills the void which the current EPP tools have.  GTB’s EPP solution provides accurate visibility and control at the endpoint, wherever the endpoint is; with real-time detection, response and protection.

Coverage for sensitive data (structured, semi structured and / or unstructured) either file-less or within files -regardless of file type, port or channel, in real-time with impeccable accuracy thus providing true cyber security and insider threat defense whether it be on premise, off premise, in the cloud.

[i] Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms Published: 30 January 2017 ID: G00301183   Analyst(s):   Eric Ouellet, Ian McShane, Avivah Litan


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