Endpoint Detection and Response EDR

Endpoint Detection and Response

EDR tools

The Problem

You can’t protect what you CAN’T SEE, instead of reacting to a data security incident why not move to continuous control of sensitive with GTB Technologies’ EDR that Works TM (endpoint detection and response) tool.

According to a few Gartner reports:

“A number of EDR vendors are using their own proprietary technology. However, these are a work in progress for several vendors, and many don’t yet support the response capabilities required to contain a threat”[i]

the recent growth of the EDR market “is primarily a result of CIO and executive-level concerns about increasing public disclosures of data loss that result from advanced and targeted attacks that have bypassed traditional preventative controls and persist undetected for extended periods of time”  [ii]

The current tools within the EDR space do not have the necessary continuous monitoring and accurate detection feature sets needed to be able to accurately detect and protect sensitive data (in files or file-less states) from being exfiltrated.  [iii]


The Answer

GTB’s Endpoint Detection and Response solution, EDR that Works TM  fills the void which the current EDR tools have.  GTB’s EDR solution provides accurate visibility and control at the endpoint, wherever the endpoint is; with real-time detection,  response, and protection.  Coverage for sensitive data (structured or unstructured) either file-less or within files -regardless of file type, port, or channel, in real-time with impeccable accuracy thus providing true cyber security and insider threat defense whether it be on-premise, off-premise, in the cloud.

GTB Technologies Endpoint Protection that Works TM protects the sensitive data which others can’t!

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