False Positives in Data Security Solutions

Accuracy Matters!

Why Accuracy is Critical to Your Data Security Strategy

Why Accuracy is Critical to Your Data Security Strategy

Methods for describing sensitive data and content are abundant.  Most detection methods yield imprecise results and fail when the data is modified.   

Imprecise detection engines are commonly used by traditional data security solutions.  Their false positives and false-negative results lead to many data breaches and the shelving of these solutions.

Join us as we discuss how critical data detection accuracy is to the success of your data security investment and program. 


Want to learn about:

  • Data detection accuracy and why it matters
  • Why there are so many ways to detect data – of which most deliver lots of false positives and worse – false negatives
  • Deliver and/or prepare for regulatory compliance
  • Protect against insider threats
  • Extending data discovery policies to deliver true data security and DLP

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