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GTB Technologies wins new accounts by educating organizations on a number of topics.  We want the opportunity to educate you as well.  You can choose a topic from the below list as to how:

  1. To protect remote users sensitive data from breaches (DLP, Endpoint Protection, File Auditing)
  2. Email security and data protection
  3. Securing your sensitive data to achieve regulatory compliance
  4. Automatic data classification to aid in data protection and compliance

Since we understand that your time is valuable, we’re offering one of the following gifts should you have 30 minutes on your calendar to remotely discuss any of these hot security topics. You may pick one of these three gifts:

Let us know the topic you want to cover and what gift you’d like to receive and we’ll coordinate everyone’s calendars.

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    Do you have a DLP / Discovery initiative within the next 8 months?

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