Why Accuracy is Critical to Your Data Security Strategy

With digital advancement, data privacy and protection is crucial. Comprehensive data protection strategies are effective when businesses have complete visibility and transparency into data. Enhancing data privacy accuracy is critical for improving your organization’s overall security posture. Many organizations are unable to accurately detect sensitive data when on-premise or syncing up to the cloud services.


In this blog, we will discuss data detection accuracy, why it matters, and how organizations can protect their data against insider threats.

What is data protection accuracy and why does it matter?

The accuracy of data detection is integral to zero trust data protection.  GDPR compliance states that every reasonable step should be taken to delete or rectify inaccurate or incomplete data. In order to do this properly, organizations need to accurately detect sensitive data. Data must be processed in a way that ensures the security of personal data against unlawful or unauthorized processing, data leaks, accidental loss, damage, or destruction, using robust security measures.


For IT executives and security teams tasked with protecting the organization’s sensitive data, this is a daunting challenge. The reason is that organizations are creating more data which is spreading across various on-premises and cloud environments. It’s harder than ever to accurately identify every byte of data. If any of one’s sensitive data is left undefined or outside the scope of an organization’s security and privacy systems, the likelihood of unauthorized data leakage is increased.

Accuracy for Data Security

There are so many ways to detect data, of which most cyber solutions deliver lots of false-positive and false negative events. False positives are mislabeled security alerts that indicate there is a threat, which is not there in actuality. However, false negatives are uncaught insider threats that are overlooked by security solutions.


For the already overwhelmed security teams, wading through a lot of security alerts due to false positives can distract them from real security threats. However, traditional cybersecurity solutions technology can never completely eliminate false negatives and false positives identification. GTB’s Data Security that Workstm, is the solution designed to solve the market limitation of false positives rates.

Deliver and Prepare for Regulatory Compliance

The exponential growth in organizational data and the fact that legacy data leak protection (DLP) solutions are putting businesses at a high risk of letting data go undetected and unprotected,  increases the likelihood of failing to be compliant.   Being non-compliant with governmental regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, PII, PCI, GLBA, PHI, HITECH, FISMA, SOX, and others can have disastrous effects on an organization’s bottom line and brand’s reputation.

Data breaches and security threats can put organizations at risk and make them vulnerable to data leaks.  Organizations need to be fully compliant with these regulations to protect their assets by accurately preventing sensitive data leaks before the damage is done.

Final Words

Data breaches can have a significant, costly impact on organizations.  Protect your organization against insider threats by analyzing and measuring data security risks and protecting against data leaks. Critical data detection accuracy leads to the success of your data security and investment program.

A real Zero Trust DLP solution protects data in real-time, with accurate detection.  GTB’s  Data Security that Workstm platform is an intelligent zero trust DLP solution.   

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