Data Risk, Intelligence and Insider Threats

Data Risk, Intelligence and the Insider Threat

When it comes to securing networks in today’s business environment, the single biggest challenge firms must contend with is that of the insider threat.

While the term is typically associated with corporate espionage or perhaps disgruntled workers, this threat is mostly not caused by malicious actors.

The insider threat simply refers to the damage caused by individuals who are granted legitimate access to an organization’s digital infrastructure. Most commonly, the threat of insiders takes the form of unintentional data leaks by employees. Emails containing sensitive files, data transfers to the wrong department, the granting of access to unauthorized parties. All of these and many other slips can result in serious cases of data loss and exposure. 

Indeed, it has long been recognized that the majority of data loss results from the actions of insiders. Notable cases of data exfiltration, often involving extremely sensitive information, has been attributed to negligent or inadvertent users.

These facts have serious implications for enterprise information security. The millions in assets and man-hours devoted to protecting the network from the outside could probably be put to better use improving employee interaction with their own data.

GTB’s Data Security That Workstm solutions takes a head-on approach to solving this most basic of data security challenges.


Better Awareness Equals Safer Data

With the belief that education is the most important aspect of security, the GTB platform is designed to build user awareness regarding the data they regularly interact with. The GTB Inspector is built to stop embarrassing or costly mistakes users make on a daily basis. With the GTB Inspector, an organization has the ability to notify/educate employees of a potential security breach or policy infraction with providing the ability to remediate. Powered by artificially intelligent algorithms, GTB technology uses a wide variety of methods to promote secure behavior and interaction with the network and company data. Business insight, contextual indicators, and behavioral analysis form the foundations of the protective protocols. 

How it Works  

When GTB’s platform identifies potentially compromising activity, it can take several automatic measures to prevent any data loss from taking place. Depending on the incident, IT can be immediately notified or the action being taken or transfer being attempted can be blocked.     


GTB’s state-of-the-art technology takes on data security violations at their most common root.   By raising awareness and educating the end user about cybersecurity and corporate policies, GTB solves the data loss challenge both affordably, and with the highest accuracy in the market today.  

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