Data Centric Auditing and Protection

Guarding the Digital Assets ...

Today is the era of big data.


The volume of information that requires storage, processing, and assessment is growing at an exponential rate.


What this means for enterprises, is that new methods for managing digital data are becoming a necessity.   Nowhere is this need felt more than when it comes to data security and loss protection.

According to a recent report by Gartner researchers, the exponential increase in data generation and usage is making “current data security methods obsolete.”   But instead of finding effective replacements, many organizations are resorting to practices that only further decrease their security–as well as their operational efficiency.   Most organizations today are now establishing separate teams for data silo and data security, with “no coordination” between the two.   This in turn leads to storage practices that increase vulnerability.

Enter DCAP

In the current reality of ever-growing quantities of data, the approach of Data-Centric Auditing and Protection, or DCAP, has been established as the most effective way to bolster a network’s security posture while balancing the company’s data processing needs.

In contrast to other methods, DCAP is all about protecting data, and not  preventing unauthorized users accessing it.   While other techniques of data protection busy their IT departments with “chasing threats”, DCAP focuses on how to monitor, oversee, and otherwise manage the interaction with high risk data sets.

DCAP requires several steps for companies wanting keep a stronger handle on their most sensitive information. They include:

  • Classifying data across databases, and implementing policies that will categorize files upon creation.
  • Controlling privileges from simple access to editing. A special emphasis is placed on unique identity users such as administrators and developers.
  • Reporting user activity to detect suspicious data interaction. Tracking security events as they occur over time allows organizations to calibrate their vulnerabilities.
  • Centralizing management of data into a singular console that will give administrators the capability to apply security policies across the entire network.

The Solution

For many organizations though, fulfilling the tenets of DCAP can seem like a monumental challenge.

Fortunately, the technology needed to execute the DCAP model even for large enterprises, is no longer out of reach. Companies are now taking advantage of the next generation of analytics tools to advance their business’s data management. With machine learning and behavioral analytics, organizations can achieve a greater level of insight through monitoring and intelligence.

GTB’s Data Protection that WorksTM platform, with its signature artificially intelligent algorithms, provide companies with the platform to implement effective DCAP across the entire enterprise. By streamlining data protection processes, GTB achieves the highest in DLP assurance, without compromising on business operations.


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