A Zero Trust Approach towards Data Protection

Using a Zero Trust Approach towards Data Protection and Data Exfiltration Prevention


What is Zero Trust Security?

Face it, traditional network perimeter security (firewalls, IDS, and the like) have failed.  Add into the mix the growth of cloud services (both sanctioned and unsanctioned) and you have a big problem.  Zero Trust security is built on the premise that neither users  nor devices can be trusted, one must then work with the belief that there are insiders looking to ex-filtrate your data.   Therefore, one must put controls around the the data in order to prevent a breach.

Using a Zero Trust Approach towards Data Protection and Data Exfiltration Prevention

Steps to follow:

  1. Understand what data you have
  2. Define and place data protection controls around that data
  3. Continuously monitor and protect


What are the best solutions to achieve zero trust data protection?  

An enterprise next generation DLP solution is the best solution in order to prevent data exfiltration from the inside out.  Here’s a few best practices for defensive controls against insider and outsider threats

  1. Continuous, accurate Discovery and identification of Sensitive Data
  2. Continuous Classification of Sensitive Data
  3. Continuous Monitoring of all channels / ports & endpoints with the ability to accurately prevent the exfiltration of sensitive data
  4. Encrypt data based on policy – blanket encryption protects the hacker
  5. Continuous employee and 3rd party training including business associates
With broad coverage for both on premises and the cloud, GTB Technologies Enterprise Data Protection that Works platform incorporates all these best practices for complete insider threat protection.  Try it out


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