GM CEO Car Hacking Will Become a Public Safety Issue

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GM CEO: Car Hacking Will Become a Public Safety Issue

The auto industry may need to team up to prevent spyware, phishing, and ransomware from infecting your ride.

by Will Knight    July 22, 2016

“Unfortunately, that makes them a pretty juicy target for would-be hackers.

So far there have been relatively few incidents of car hacking beyond demonstrations by security researchers. However, GM CEO Mary Barra said today that car security would become a significant public safety issue in the years to come. “A cyber incident is not a problem just for the automaker involved,” Barra said at an industry conference held in Detroit. “It is a problem for every automaker around the world. It is a matter of public safety.”

Barra said the industry would need to collaborate on the problem: “We view cybersecurity not as an area for competitive advantage, but as a systemic concern in which the auto industry’s collective customers—and society at large—are best served by industry-wide collaboration and the sharing of best practices.”


Security researchers have shown for years that cars can be hacked ….”[1]

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