DLP Leader, GTB Technologies Takes the GDPR Compliance Lead with Access to it’s GDPR Personal Data Inventory Reporting Tool

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Market Leader, GTB Technologies, Takes the GDPR Compliance Lead with Access to its GDPR Personal Data Inventory Reporting Tool

Time limited, free usage to GTB’s GDPR Personal Data Inventory Reporting Tool with Accurate Detection & Watermarking

December 21, 2017

Newport Beach, CA USA

GTB Technologies, the leader in DLP announced today it will be providing  time limited, free  usage of its Data Discovery / GDPR Personal Data Inventory Reporting Tool; including the ability to utilize its unique intelligent proprietary fingerprinting technologies.

A needed step of the EU GDPR’s (General Data Protection Regulation) Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is for an organization to create personal data inventory and mapping reports.  As the primary function of compliance is to serve the organization through the assurance of regulatory mandates, compliance also provides value to the organization in several intangible ways:

  • Integrate compliance processes such as data classification, discovery, and data protection technology so that they can support each other, rather than be obstacles to one another
  • Eliminate redundant systems and processes and develop consistency of information and processes
  • Provide improved quality and increase the turnaround time of information requested by regulators
  • Remove the siloed approach of conducting monitoring
  • Provide one view of data and processes used for compliance
  • Proactively stay ahead of regulatory and compliance requirements


Why GTB Technologies  Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solutions for GDPR Compliance?

GTB’s DLP that WorksTM platform offers the most accurate data detection solution in the market.

It’s proprietary fingerprinting detection engines support data, in any format including:

  • Structured Data: Unique support for an unlimited number of fingerprinted fields
  • Semi & Unstructured Data: Unique support for binary data – full and fragmented

The usage of GTB’s GDPR Personal Data Inventory Reporting Tool is a necessary step towards compliance that helps to mitigate the following issues or challenges:

  1. Data inconsistencies
  2. Quality of data consumed by utilizing business owned data warehouses and compliance owned data stores
  3. Poor data governance
  4. Manual data entry / Increased level of manual intervention to associate data elements
  5. Limitations on the amount of data that can be mined by the end user and the way the results are presented
  6. Lack of access to all customer, account and financial data, across all regions

Our unparalleled, proprietary intelligent detection / fingerprinting technologies  together with proximity detection yield a virtual zero percent false positive / false negative rate.   That coupled with GTB’s ease of use and implementation are some of the many reasons we continue to be the leading Enterprise DLP solution.” stated GTB Technologies Director, Wendy Cohen.

GTB’s GDPR Personal Data Inventory Reporting Tool can help organizations reduce the risk of scrutiny from regulatory authorities, diminish the potential risk of data and reputation loss, create personal data inventory reports and apply the appropriate remedial actions including watermarking, encryption, and data classification. Improved data quality and enhanced data governance will significantly reduce the exposure of organizations to regulatory obligations by:

  • Eliminating duplicate reporting processes and sunset legacy systems
  • Developing consistent data sets serving multiple purposes
  • Ability to handle regulatory requests and mandatory regulatory reporting with differing response time from intraday to historical data, in order for the organization to comply with reporting requirements pertaining to country specific or global regulatory authorities
  • Access to all relevant data, across all regions, across all environments including the Cloud & CASB platforms
  • Ability to access transactional information from beginning to end of trade life-cycle
  • Consolidate to a source of personal or client account, product and firm account information
  • Accurate and timely delivery of external data in the response to a Subject Access Request
  • Implementation of controls to facilitate governance in regards to the use of data to align with their intent

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    About GTB Technologies, Inc.

    For over 13 years, GTB Technologies, the creator of DLP for IP, has provided the data protection solution that accurately prevents sensitive data loss / data ex-filtration from within the network, at the endpoint, in the cloud or anywhere else; either agent or agent-less, in files or data streams.   Delivered on-premises or off, as a managed service, self-service or a hybrid.

    GTB’s DLP that Works is the multiple award-winning flagship platform that launched GTB into the leadership position in the Data Loss Prevention market.  GTB DLP automatically and accurately monitors and optionally blocks sensitive data before it can be ex-filtrated.   At the core of GTB’s unprecedented sensitive data detection capability is its revolutionary intelligent data recognition platform that couples the power of proprietary intelligent processes with mathematical science.





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