Visibility and Control of Data Assets

Visibility and Control of Sensitive Data Assets

Data Discovery detection inaccuracy can be a killer to an organization’s data management.   GTB’s Crypt n ChiveTM solves the challenges your compliance and privacy teams have with managing and safeguarding sensitive and critical data assets.

With patented and proprietary intelligent algorithms, Crypt n Chive accurately:

  • Supports and enforces regulatory compliance
  • Discovers where sensitive data resides
  • Understands and recognizes your risk
  • Discovers and classifies sensitive data
  • Prevents data breaches from insiders
  • Understands who is using sensitive data
  • Provides Audit and archive functions

GTB DLP encryption Key lock spaceRegister to Learn:

  • How Crypt n Chive controls intelligent policies with accurate smart detection to deliver actionable insights – for structured, semi-structured, unstructured, cloud storage, and data silos including Big Data.
  • How to automatically and accurately discover, detect, control and protect sensitive data across your organization – even when off the grid.
  • Comply with draconian regulations including GDPR & NYDFS


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