How to Contain Insider Threats Through Data Protection Solutions

How to Contain Insider Threats Through Data Protection Solutions

Accurately without an endless number of false events


Despite significant investment in cyber-security, data breaches continue to make headlines with an unbelievable amount of breaches and regulatory violations.

The problem

Data loss from insider threats come from misdirected content, the malicious insider (including malware), and unintentional harm.   Traditional data protection / cybersecurity tools are unable to identify any of these incidents early enough to prevent a breach.

The solution

There are four key questions that a basic data protection solution must answer – accurately:

  1. Where’s my data?
  2. Who’s sending my data?
  3. Who’s receiving my data?
  4. What channels are the data sent through?

Join us for this session as we describe the proper Data Protection program, the resulting enforcement actions designed to prevent data breaches, the pitfalls you can avoid and how to actually prevent data breaches from occurring.

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