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GTB Inspector – Enterprise Data Protection with Detect, Respond & Prevent

Protect Data accurately, with unrivaled detection, against data theft while on-premises, and within the cloud.


Eye on the Ball

For today’s enterprise, keeping company data contained on the network secure is hard enough but the cloud?   Now that’s practically impossible.  GTB’s Data Protection solutions use predetermined blacklists as well as artificial intelligence to achieve the highest catch rates in the industry of sensitive outgoing data.

What is the GTB Inspector?

The GTB Inspector is a comprehensive reverse firewall system that allows a company to keep a secure handle on all outgoing and / or incoming data within an organization’s network. The Inspector intercepts and inspects all outgoing and or incoming data within an organizations’ system via any digital medium. Once sensitive data is detected, various enforcement actions can then be taken, such as blocking, alerting, or classifying.


Office 365? Azure?  AWS?  Google?

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Data-in-Motion Security – Outbound & Inbound, Cloud and On-premises
for all traffic.

GTB Inspector offers the most complete inspection and protection of Azure and Amazon Web Services(AWS).  By deploying the Inspector, one can receive accurate visibility of sensitive data, detecting and preventing data theft and/or loss.

GTB’s “Reverse Content-Aware Firewall”tm Inspector analyzes this traffic for pieces of source code; all communication channels are scanned, such as: e-mails, instant messages, web logs, and the like.  If a violation is attempted, the transmission is blocked and then logged on the security report. You can also elect to have the network administrator notified through an alert email.

Highlighted features:

  • Supports multi-threading
  • 1 GB outbound speed per Inspector
  • Built-in Load Balancing and Sharing
  • Inspection powered by GTB AccuMatchTM.
  • Supports Dictionaries, lexical analysis, keywords in any language
  • Offers both online, wireless and offline protection mode, off-premises Fingerprint detection, no need to “phone home” – No other solution can!
  • Only solution supporting accurate partial file match on unstructured ‘fingerprint’ data!!
  • Monitor and control the transfer of files-based usage including the number of files and file size
  • Monitor user behavior using proprietary advanced detection techniques
  • Prevent the sharing of data to unauthorized devices or users
  • Email encryption gateways including Proofpoint, Mimecast, Symantec, Voltage
  • Deployed and managed by the GTB Central Console, an enterprise command center
  • Shares management extensions and policies with all of GTBs Data Protection facets.
  • Centrally manages data security policies and controls across unstructured, semi-structured, and structured repositories.
  • Scans images with the ability to redact sensitive data via OCR.

Highly rated by Forrester,  Gartner, IDC, and others

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