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SASE on the Edge

The new global business reality has created a slew of new challenges on the data protection front.

Changes to network configuration and norms in company system access have made many traditional security models inefficient if not completely obsolete.


Trends in global commerce adapting to the pandemic work environment have accelerated these realities. A Gallup poll from May for instance showed that seven out of ten white collar workers are still working from home. From an information security perspective, this means the vast majority of workers are accessing their company networks–with some level of regularity–outside their defined workstations.


The growing prevalence of remote working and other similar patterns have increased exponentially the modern phenomenon of wide-area networking (WAN) in which digital communications and information delivery need to be maintained over a wide geographical area but within one integrated working environment. This in turn has created high demand for security tools that can address new realities. Many organizations have turned to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions designed to defend diffuse networks.


Companies however are facing a quickly changing technological landscape that is quickly finding ways to circumvent SASE protocols. Workers now have ways of getting around company VPNs and even disable SaaS-based web security. What managers need is a platform that can adapt and respond to the ever-increasing SASE gaps.

Endpoint DLP that Workstm for a complete solution

Taking on this unique set of enterprise challenges, GTB has recently announced its new release of the DLP the Works platform. The latest version of GTB’s innovative and AI-powered DLP targets that diverse endpoint problem and offers solutions to businesses that need to maintain network flexibility.

The improved platform offers Advanced MIP support integrated into GTB’s Endpoint agent to classify and protect files using its signature MIP engine. The DLP solution also offers protection for using legacy collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, allowing the seamless use of these programs while securing file uploads and transfers. It also contains controls for off-premises operations such as the Off-premises Printing protocols, all at the Endpoint agent level. The improved File Share DLP function controls access and monitors file share activities and includes the unique ability to accurately prevent the saving of sensitive files to predefined paths.

Furthermore, the latest iteration of GTB’s data loss protection software has amplified even further its signature detection accuracy, providing IT departments and end-users alike the assurance they need to streamline data-based operations.

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