What is the GDPR Risk Assessment?

GDPR Data Protection Suite from GTB Technologies

What is the GDPR Risk Assessment from GTB Technologies?

The GTB Technologies EU GDPR Data Protection Risk Assessment


Organizations are adopting cloud apps at a rapid pace. Whether you allow or block these apps, chances are your users have found a way to access them.

With the European Commission developing hard-hitting legislation to protect privacy data that will carry heavy fines and supersede all other privacy regulations, you need visibility into your organization’s sensitive usage and locations.  This visibility needs to provide you with the knowledge and understanding of non-compliance and help preparations for compliance with this pending regulation.

  • Where is your current EU resident data?
  • Where is all your sensitive data stored and processed?
  • Is your sensitive data classified?  Is the classification correct?
  • Should you extend DLP, Encryption and Rights Management policies?
  • Should you archive your sensitive data?
  • Which sensitive data is at the end of its life-cycle?

The GTB Technologies GDPR Risk Assessment will provide you an overview of your organization’s sensitive data locations, data silos and usage, aiding in the determination if you likely comply with the EU GDPR.   Information learned and resulting reports will deliver the foundation of the areas your organization needs to address in order to be compliant with the GDPR.

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