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GTB Technologies Information-Centric platform finds the sensitive data which others don’t!        

Unprecedented Visibility & Control    …    without a cloud connection

Go Beyond Traditional EDR / DLP

GTB Data Protection goes beyond EDR malware detection & obsolete DLP regular expression analysis with proprietary smart algorithms integrated within its intelligent, patented Data Protection platform.

  • Instantaneous response without a cloud connection
    • Mapping, managing, and controlling sensitive data flows – on-premises and off   Content-aware data protection, optical character recognition coupled with Intelligent Smart Search provides the most accurate detection engines in the market.   Protecting data streams from sensitive unstructured data including binary data, CAD designs, documents, PDFs, and data streams including email attachments, to structured data and databases.
  • Providing an accurate inventory of sensitive data across the entire organization – from on-premises devices, cloud file shares, and storage
  • Real-Time Data Forensics
  • Educate and improve knowledge of and compliance to corporate governance policies
  • GTB’s detection is so accurate, it only blocks users from downloading sensitive data based on content, context and policy thus allowing an organization to collaborate securely.  Other solutions can only try to block users from downloading on a thumb drive or sharing –  a big problem when it comes to collaboration and sharing.

Up and Running in Minutes

Immediately Operational 

No complex configurations

When it comes to stopping data theft from Insider and Outsider threats, GTB Data Protection is the superior alternative,

Here’s why:


  • GTB’s Data Protection that WorksTM platform is comprised of a broad set of integrated cybersecurity facets and solutions which cover an expansive set of outbound channels and protocols.
  • GTB’s Intelligent and Advanced detection techniques, such as its unparalleled patented AccuMatchTM fingerprinting engines deliver a virtual zero percent false positive/false negative rates.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and Drip-DLP ensure effectiveness.
  • Ease of deployment & Best Value – per Gartner Research clients
  • GTB’s CASB with a Twisttm offers accurate visibility and control of data within cloud applications including Office 365, Google G Suite, Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, Slack and others.
  • GTB’s Content-Aware DRM / IRM (Digital Rights Management) automatically apply rights management controls based on policy. 

GTB’s DLP that WorksTM is the multiple award-winning flagship platform from GTB Technologies that launched the company into a leadership position in the Data Protection market.  GTB’s Security Manager automatically identifies and blocks sensitive data before it can be ex-filtrated.   At the core of GTB’s unprecedented sensitive data detection capability is its revolutionary intelligent data recognition technology that couples the power of proprietary intelligent processes with mathematical science.


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