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With data moving towards the Cloud and data traveling between SaaS to SaaS, it’s time that Cloud providers put the proper Data Loss Prevention (DLP) controls into their products – that is being able to monitor sensitive cloud data – natively.  CASB and SMP providers now have the ability to add Network and / or Endpoint SaaS Data protection.


GTB Data Protection that Works platform has the unique ability to tie user behavior to data exfiltration … ACCURATELY and prevent the data from leaving.

Use our simple yet powerful set of data recognition tools to easily integrate the most secure and globally trusted Data Protection that WorksTM  & Enterprise Search platform into your app.  Choose the entire platform or individual facet/features.


Structured, Semi-structured, and Unstructured Data Recognition – in any language

Detect data, accurately to protect intellectual property, analyze, achieve, and maintain compliance with PCI, HIPAA, PII, GDPR, FINRA, and all other regulatory policies. 


Replace Stellant or HPE Autonomy (IDOL)

to accurately capture, recognize data, and manage files for both structured and unstructured data.  GTB’s patented, Intelligent Detection Engines do not require knowledge of the file type, does not require the location of the beginning of the file nor its end in the data stream.

Utilizing patented, “on the fly” real-time content inspection, our intelligent proprietary data engines identify sensitive data of interest with nearly 100% accuracy, without network or host degradation.


Enterprise Content Needs to be Managed & Secured …. Accurately

In addition, a pattern engine with pre-built compliance tables, lexical analysis, and extended regular expressions is also available. Your system submits files for inspection and the engine responds with any data violation it finds.  You may then enforce your own policy in real-time.

Whether it be messaging gateway services, web monitoring, cloud services, mobile devices,  email and smart encryption, data eDiscovery for EIS, file backup service, document management services, ERP, MDM, CRM, etc..; OEMs can now use GTB’s SDK & APIs, without the use or expense of 3rd party file cracking tools, to instantly add to their products the necessary functionality required to provide data security.


Extend and Control Information Protection Security Solutions

Control Data within Encryption, Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS), CASB, Data-Centric Audit and Protection (DCAP), Endpoint Protection Platforms, UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics), User Monitoring  and other cybersecurity solutions with GTB’s Content-aware SDK 


SDK, OEM, and ICAP support enables integration with most applications
Many options available including support for:
  • Data Classification
  • OCR inspection
  • Fingerprinting of unstructured, semi and structured data
  • Application Controls (white/blacklisting)
  • User Behavior
  • USB Device Controls
  • Streams to Printers
  • Event reporting to any database using JSON
  • MAC & LINUX Now Available!
SDK & OEM options are available for:

CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) – incorporate advanced  DLP and  Discovery functionality 

Data-Centric Audit and Protection (DCAP)

Data Loss Prevention – incorporate DLP features and facets, including:

  • > 1200 built-in regulatory policies
  • Dictionaries
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Intelligent fingerprinting technologies for structured and unstructured data (data streams and data in files)
  • Multi-threaded
  • Reports on all file metadata (content and context, including file owner)

Data Discovery, Classification, Index, Archive & Inventory  – advanced enterprise search tools for structured and unstructured data

Content Inspection for Data at Rest

Content Inspection for Data in Motion – inspect data streams and files

File Crackingreplace expensive HP IDOL (Autonomy) or Stellant for accurate data recognition – in realtime

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Platforms supported

varies – dependent on the module


High Performance – Scales easily in large deployments

Flexible with Wide Coverage – SDK & API support enables integration with most applications

Sales & Technical Training – We offer comprehensive Sales & SE training for your entire team, as well as free Test Systems; enabling you to accelerate your technical and business sales activities, without having to be dependent on other resources.

24 /7 global support available

Find out what functionality we can add to your solutions 

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    * Gartner Market Trends: UEBA Providers Must Embrace Specialization, Published 31 May 2019 – ID G00385712 , Author: Eric Ahlm  Sr Director Analyst, Gartner

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