SharePoint Data Loss Prevention, Data Discovery and Protection

Organizations that have deployed SharePoint or looking to deploy SharePoint know that it is equipped with very basic DLP lite capabilities which will create an unmanageable amount of false positive events.  If you have the need for accurate detection, in real-time or your organization has complex requirements such as industry and government data protection regulations, looking to protect trade secrets or confidential data then a more robust solution is available.

GTB DLP for SharePoint and GTB Data Discovery with Classification

SharePoint data loss preventionare easy to add, powerful advanced enterprise content aware data loss prevention toolsets for any SharePoint deployment.

Our patent pending advanced, content inspection solutions analyze, monitor, protect and classify both structured and unstructured data, ensuring that all sensitive data is protected for both inbound and/or outbound data streams.  Once sensitive data is found, our intuitive, flexible control and command center, based on customized policies takes over which may cause that data to be blocked, quarantined, encrypted and so on.