Email DLP / Data Protection without the False Positive Curse

GTB offers a robust Data protection approach to securing confidential data which is easy, cost effective and accurate.

GTB Technologies offers DLP & Data Protection solutions which are fully integrated with all the leading, best-of-breed email encryption solutions such as Mimecast, Voltage, Zix, Cisco, HP SecureMail, Proofpoint Essentials and so on.


The Problems with Email Encryption Solutions

When organizations use the GTB Inspector along with leading Email Encryption Products / Services, they are able to enforce granular data protection / security policies with the highest accuracy in the industry.  Email encryption solutions only provide a basic set of DLP features and is designed to provide a minimal compliance check box for SMB customers who currently have no DLP controls in place.   Encryption solutions lack image analysis (OCR), advanced data fingerprinting and watermarking.  There is significant implantation, on-going management, detection efficacy, technical support and data loss channel coverage limitations making its DLP an ineffective replacement for an Enterprise DLP solution – even if the only channel you care to monitor is outbound email.

The Solution - GTB Data Protection 

Simplify the overall solution, lower the cost, and eliminate the complexity of secure email delivery.  GTB scans all outbound transmissions and identifies sensitive data in real-time, classifying and transparently encrypting to protect your email transmissions (including Gmail), file transfers, IM, while retaining full functionality.

Quick & Simple - even add Digital Rights to attachments

Once an email is found to contain sensitive content, it is instantly encrypted and delivered to the recipient using Email Encryption Services or automatically embed Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection into email attachments, for either inbound or outbound email.

Email Backup

Back-up all emails or those emails in violation of policies

PST / OST  Data Discovery 

Discover, Identify, Locate, Classify, Archive & Inventory located within PST / OST 

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