Content Aware Digital Rights Management

Information Centric Encryption & Digital Rights Management

GTB's Content Aware Enterprise DRM is a Context & Content-Aware Enterprise digital rights management system providing organizations  comprehensive data centric and access controls to sensitive data for internal and external constituents - on premises, and wherever the data goes including the cloud and mobile devices.

The system automatically controls 4 W's-

• WHO can access the information?

• WHAT can recipients do with the information?

• WHEN can each user access the information

• WHERE the information can be used?

The marriage of Content-Awareness and EDRM provide an organization comprehensive access control on sensitive data for internal and external constituents. Sensitive or confidential data is automatically encrypted based on file content and access to such data is controlled by either the File Owner or designated Administrator. External constituents may also have access rights to such files but only if they have been approved. This way organizations are able to secure files even after such files are circulating outside the perimeter.

Over 140 different types of files including files created by Microsoft Office, Open Office, Adobe, Photos, AutoCAD, and dozens of Text file types.

GTB Crypt-n-ChiveTM easily integrates with many of the leading IRM / DRM solutions, including

Fasoo,  Microsoft Rights Management service (RMS), Symantec Watchful Software,  Prot-on,  Seclore and others.

DLP & Enterprise DRM / IRM

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