Discover and Understand Data & Relationships during Data Discovery and / or e-Discovery Early Case Assessment (ECA)

An e-discovery set of tools for data at rest protection, data classification & categorization, encryption, early case assessment (ECA) and search for Enterprises and SMB organizations.

The process of e-discovery with the DocTieTM platform adds another advanced, integrated approach with modular components that produce the most accurate set of search results in the market.

Utilizing GTB's advanced AccuMatchTM detection engines combined with artificial intelligent proprietary algorithms; the GTB e-Discovery Solution can instantly search terabytes of data, including scanned data with OCR and redaction- regardless of file types on structured and unstructured data; producing accurate, classified and indexed results which can then be parsed, culled, de-duped  and so on.

The solution is both file type and language type agnostic, therefore it's ability to identify relevant documents and accurately classify them goes unmatched.

Index Data* (both Unstructured & Structured) without Disruption

Collect and Preserve data including cloud applications and endpoints 

Now internal legal departments, outside legal and e-Discovery firms can focus on reviewing the most relevant ESI (electronically stored information), providing accelerated review times & early case assessment (ECA) amounting to lower costs.

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*indexer, if available, provided without charge