Data Discovery with Data Classification

Data Discovery with Data Classification

Discover, Identify, Classify, Catalog, Inventory, Remediate, Control & Protect your sensitive, mission-critical data including:

PII, IP, PCI, PHI, Unstructured Data, Structured Data & more

- with Zero False Positives.      

GTB Technologies has now changed, for the better, the Data Discovery / Data Classification space by utilizing its proprietary content fingerprinting technology to classify data and files based on unstructured or  structured data.

Increase in Phishing Attacks

With increased phishing attacks and data leak risks, protecting sensitive data, customer & corporate information from a breach is more important than ever.  It's tantamount that you know the answers to these questions:

·        Where is your data?

·        Can you manage/control the egregious amount of information within & beyond your network perimeter?

·        Is your organization subject to penalty fees from regulators?

Illuminate, Classify & Catalog Data - accurately

using simple, intelligent and intuitive algorithms with minimal cost

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