The GTB Inspector, the Technology Leader, a Content-Aware Reverse Firewall.

Real-Time Accuracy, Reliability & Policy Enforcer - One Console for Increased Efficiency giving the Lowest TCO

GTB Technologies provides true data protection with the ability to create, manage & enforce DLP security policies based on content &/ context for when, where, how and by whom data can or can't be moved to or from the network &/ devices.  Based on patented, patent pending, and proprietary technology; GTB's Inspector , a "Content-Aware Reverse Firewall"TM inspects, classifies and analyzes ALL outbound &/ inbound data transmissions from your network in real time. We're talking about ALL Channels and ALL types of data, structured and /or unstructured.  Once a unique threshold  of protected data is detected, the GTB Inspector enforces the appropriate action such as

  • Log
  • Encrypt
  • Quarantine
  • Block
  • Severity Block
  • Pass

Employee / End User Education and Security Awareness:

We believe education is the most important aspect of security. The GTB Inspector will stop embarrassing or costly mistakes users make on a daily basis. With the GTB Inspector organizations have the ability to notify employees of a potential security breach / or policy infraction with providing the ability to remediate.

Furthermore, despite company policies forbidding the practice, employees frequently utilize peer to peer applications. Microsoft Networks and similar protocols, initially designed for LAN, are perfectly capable of working over the  Security Administrator and will be notified to take appropriate action.

The GTB Inspector can be in transparent mode to gain visibility to user behavior.

Apply Data Security for Global Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Organizations become secured and compliant with government data security regulations as it relates to Sarbanes Oxley, GLBA, HIPAA, PII, CA SB1386, CA AB1950, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, The Patriot Act,  FISMA, FERC/NERC, and many others.

We provide comprehensive and detailed  reporting for your auditors to prove you are doing what it takes to be compliant and abide by the mandatory mandates

Insider Threats & User Errors

New programs requiring the use of unconventional protocols are becoming increasingly more prevalent. Content Inspection is mandatory to know what users are doing and on what channel. Recent studies show the more popular protocols users utilize are email, webmail, FTP, and IM. Having content inspection on these protocols will allow the ability to have a healthy business process and still stop the malicious anomaly of a disgruntled

Have Malware?  Now What?

Malicious applications (e.g., viruses and worms) can be utilized to transfer data across a broad variety of protocols. So supporting just SMTP, HTTP, FTP and IM is a real limitation for the majority of DLP Solutions and is not real DLP. We know malware and other botnets use unknown ports and protocols to send out the sensitive PII/PHI data so organizations must have coverage of all 65,000+ ports and protocols, or ways of communicating. Resulting in malicious or unintentional transmissions of confidential data over the network are identified and blocked.

Immediately & easily integrate actions to protect against threats (external and multi vector such as malware, trusted users or employee error) by:

  • Automatically setup data exfiltration blocking controls to prevent the compromising of sensitive data
  • ID infected machines and bring into action containment controls
  • Speed up forensic investigations

The GTB Inspector, is the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) device installed on the network edge (more than one device can be installed if necessary.) The Content-Aware Reverse Firewall offers mass communication features and is compatible with multiple devices and multiple protocols.

GTB's Technology Differentiators & Features:

  • 1GB + speed outbound bandwidth
  • Support for ALL protocols
  • Virtually no false positive OR no false negatives** for detecting both Personal Identifiable Information and partial file matching
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Multi-language support
  • Detection of Encrypted Content
  • OCR detection and redaction for Data in Motion & Data at Rest
  • Scalability to outbound network bandwidth
  • Reduction of time to detect & resolve events
  • Enterprise Workflow
  • Multi-location Central Management Console
  • SIEM integration
  • Designed for unattended, maintenance free operation
  • Portable "all-in-one " device - to quickly move the appliance between networks (internal or external)
Data-in-Motion - Outbound & Inbound
is all traffic on the network. GTB's "Reverse Content-Aware Firewall" TM Inspector analyzes this traffic for pieces of source code, CAD files, etc; all communication channels are scanned, such as: e-mails, instant messages, web logs, etc. If a violation is attempted, the transmission is blocked and then logged on the security report. You can also elect to have the network administrator notified through an alert email.
Accuracy and Precision Content Inspection & Context Awareness provides Real-time Control of your Data
•  Virtually zero false positives
•  Virtually 100% detection rate
•  Resilient to data manipulation, including:
•  Data extracting – only a small part of a file or a subset of a database table is copied and pasted from one document to another
•  File format conversion
•  Compression
•  Embedding – the data from a protected file is inserted into another file
•  File extension changes
•  Re-typing – text is re-typed from a printed document
•  Language encoding changes, especially conversion between Unicode and plain English
•  Different representation -, i.e., a social security number may be represented in the form ‘777-77-7762', ‘777 77 7762' or ‘777777762''
Protects ALL Protocols
  • SMTP
  • HTTP
  • Web Mail
  • Active Sync (WBMXL)
  • RDP
  • VNC
  • IMAP
  • NNTP
  • HTTP Server
  • POP3
  • FTP
  • FTP Server
  • SSL (capable of decryption)
  • Instant Messengers
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Microsoft Messenger
  • ICQ
  • AIM
  • Google Talk
  • Jabber
  • Peer-to-Peer applications
  • (20+ applications and protocols)
  • All protocols, sending data in clear
  • Capable of blocking on all protocols

All other ports and protocols are reported as TCP.

Enterprise Reporting
•  Built in table reports
•  Built in Crystal Reports
•  MS Access format for exporting