GTB Technologies Latest Real-Time Data Loss Prevention (DLP) SDK Release for Cloud Service Providers, MSSPs and OEMs Offers Advanced Data Detection

An SDK of the Industry’s Leading Set of DLP, Data Protection, Data Recognition, Data Discovery, Data Classification and Enterprise Search Tools

February 13, 2018

Newport Beach, CA USA

GTB Technologies, the major player in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) today unveiled its’ latest Data Loss Prevention Software Development Kit (DLP SDK).

With the current trend in IT regulations demanding something new from companies of all sizes, along with the exponential growth of data stored in the cloud, organizations will need to implement solutions to take control over their digital perimeter and put it back into the hands of its managers and data owners.

Many managed security and Cloud service providers are now looking to extend their offerings to include data protection.  Regulatory compliance (EU GDPR, HITRUST, NIST) requires organizations and providers to secure data especially personal identifiable information (PII).  Thus, the need for an accurate data detection engine that will scan data and accurately report back – in real-time, the presence of sensitive content inside files or data streams.

GTB’s DLP SDK provides Cloud Service Providers, MSSP’s and OEM’s the advanced instantaneous, and accurate detection without the false positive and false negative results plaguing traditional data security tools.  Utilizing Rest API or C/C++ calls, Cloud Providers, MSSP’s and OEM’s are able to quickly integrate Content Aware Enterprise DLP in their service offerings.

Pre-defined Regulatory Templates for PII, PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, and many more are readily available as part of the SDK solution.  GTB’s DLP SDK supports more than 800 file types and file-less binary data.  Options such as OCR are available.

As Uzi Yair, Co-founder of GTB Technologies noted, “The GTB DLP SDK Offering is extremely beneficial to Cloud providers, MSSP’s and OEMs. We often hear from our switch up customers about inaccurate data detection being a limiting factor with competing data protection solutions. With our latest SDK for DLP, we continue to provide our customers the tools that are relevant to achieving true data protection within an ever-changing landscape.”

For more information on how GTB’s DLP SDK can improve your customers’ data security, add to your revenue stream, reduce your time to market, and shorten sales cycles, visit the GTB Technologies site at

About GTB Technologies, Inc.

For over 13 years, GTB Technologies, the creator of DLP for IP, has provided the data protection solution that accurately prevents sensitive data loss / data ex-filtration from within the network, at the endpoint, in the cloud or anywhere else; either agent or agent-less, in files or data streams.  At the core of GTB’s unprecedented sensitive data detection capability is its revolutionary intelligent data recognition platform that couples the power of proprietary intelligent processes with mathematical science. GTB’s DLP that Works platform is delivered on-premises or off, as a managed service, self-service or a hybrid.

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