Microsoft Azure Information Protection

Microsoft Information Protection

Extend Microsoft Information Protection / Azure IP with Accurate DLP that WorksTM

Discover, Classify, Monitor & Protect for Devices, On-Premises and off, including the Cloud

AIP / MIP only provide a basic set of DLP features and is designed to provide a minimal compliance check box for SMB customers who currently have no DLP controls in place.  They lack image analysis (OCR), advanced data fingerprinting and watermarking.  More importantly, there is significant implantation, on-going management, detection efficacy, technical support and data loss channel coverage limitations making its DLP an ineffective replacement for an Enterprise DLP solution – even if the only channel you care to monitor is Azure.


Using GTB’s Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) edition, both GTB and Microsoft customers  will be able to use their data protection policies to detect and protect sensitive data files at the endpoint, the network and cloud.

Additionally, GTB’s Crypt n ChiveTM  Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) edition offers data protection functionality that can encrypt sensitive data both inside and outside of the enterprise.

The unparalleled combination of MIP / Azure Information Protection with GTB’s accurate DLP that Works solutions offer companies a better, more advanced unique way to classify, detect, protect and control sensitive data files.