Insider & Outsider Threats in Today’s Digital Age

Insider & Outsider Threats in Today's Digital Age

What is the value of trust? How much do you trust the security of your business in today's’ digital age?

Would you know if an attacker breached your infrastructure and sent out sensitive data?

Would you know if a trusted insider sent out sensitive data against policy?

Would you be able to discover PII data – accurately and remove all of its occurrences – wherever it may reside?

The data protection and DLP tools of yesterday have changed very little, these outdated detection engines are based on inaccurate, imprecise detection methods.   Today your adversaries use advanced technologies and techniques thus creating a virtual infinite number of threats.

Isn’t it time to protect the data? GTB’s DLP that Works platform is the superior alternative with advanced intelligent and precise data detection methods, the ones required to protect your data from both insider and outsider threats.

GTB's DLP that Works platform was designed to deliver real data protection; intelligent products that are not complicated, all with one objective … accurately prevent data extrusion from your perimeter-less network.

So stay ahead of the attackers, anywhere, anytime with real data protection that accurately blocks data extrusion before you are breached. It’s obvious that no data protection tool can guarantee the prevention of 100% of data breaches; however GTB offers the best of all the available data protection tools, check it out, before a data leak harms your business.

Learn more, protect your business with GTB’s DLP that Works platform



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