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Ensure Data is removed:

GTB eDiscovery can scan every location on the network, including file servers, desktops and laptops. Confidential data is discovered with the same precision and real-time performance of the GTB Inspector.

cloud storage lock icon shutterstock_333855332 [Converted]GTB eDiscovery scans the whole hard drive and finds  files, even in the Recycle Bin, ensuring that what is expected to be deleted was actually deleted.  Accurately monitor, protect and report violations any time a file is saved and/or blocked from saving; essentially eliminating the necessity to endlessly scan machines for data violations.

Big Data Discovery:

Discover and understand sensitive data and relationships before sensitive data is moved to big data environments.


GTB eDiscovery reports detailed information for each violating file, including location, actual content,  context, file owner, file name, last accessed/modified time, policy violation and more.  It includes a complete workflow functionality which allows to simultaneously respond to multiple violations.

Early Case Assessment (ECA):

The process of e-discovery with DocTieTM is an integrated approach with modular components that produce the most accurate set of results in the market.

Which eDiscovery tool can prove data is NOT there?    GTB eDiscovery with DocuTietm Can!


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