Zero Trust

UBA, ITM and Enterprise DLP

User Behavior Analytics, or UBA, is one of the most important developments in digital data protection to emerge in the past several years. UBA is an advanced cybersecurity process designed to detect insider threats, primarily those connected to targeted attacks, … Read More

What is Software defined perimeter and Zero Trust

What is Software-defined perimeter and Zero Trust?   In the digital age, experts are constantly on the search for the best model of information security.   While most improvements constitute tweaks or upgrades to existing paradigms, some designs have required … Read More

GTB DLP Market Leader

False Promise of Blanket Encryption

The false promise of blanket encryption Why data needs to be inspected before its put under lock and key With cyber-attacks on the rise and compliance with regulatory regimes like HIPAA and GDPR becoming more urgent, businesses have been turning … Read More

Gartner Leader

Business Email Compromise

Business Email Compromise   Among the growing threats within today’s cyber-sphere, the trend of Business Email Compromise, or BEC, is certainly nearing the top of the list.   Broadly defined, BEC is a type of sophisticated scam targeting companies who … Read More

Discover Dark Data

Information overload.   One of the key phenomena that has come to define the digital age.   The consequences of this information glut cover a wide spectrum.  From the analytical perspective, finding answers to important questions and identifying what constitutes … Read More

Big data, heavy data & DCAP

Big data, heavy data & DCAP With information volumes surging and compliance burdens growing, enterprises need a new approach to data security   By 2025 humans will have generated 180 zettabytes of data [i]– or 180 trillion gigabytes. That’s a … Read More