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Discover, Identify, Classify, Inventory, Remediate, Control & Protect your sensitive, mission-critical data including: PII, IP, PCI, PHI, Unstructured Data, Structured Data

Compliance for Cyber Liability Insurance

Compliance for Cyber Liability Insurance With the threat of data breaches now firmly part of today’s operational risk, data security insurance has become increasingly sought after by businesses. Insuring the data-sphere is now a rapidly expanding field and is on the fast track to becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. Data insurance broadly covers two distinct…
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Gain Control of Your Unstructured Data On-Premises and in the Cloud

Gain Control of Your Unstructured Data On-Premises and in the Cloud   When it comes to data security, enterprises face a major challenge when it comes to preventing data loss.  The nature of administering a large firm today means sharing information across a wide spectrum of users, spread out across multiple locations and work stations.…
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2020 Redefining Data Loss Prevention and Protection

January 2020 Redefining Data Loss Prevention and Protection   GTB Technologies is the Data Protection solution that can prevent the loss of data from Malware and trusted insiders by blocking sensitive data. “Data Protection” has been the name of the game for GTB Technologies since its inception in 2004. On a mission to help protect…
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The Public Cloud  Is it Secure?

The Public Cloud.  Is it Secure?   In today’s business environment, data is everything. With data volumes increasing exponentially, the cloud has become the go-to for many companies to store their vital information. Offloading data storage and management has worked wonders. Firms no longer have to rely on in-house storage components. Furthermore, the organizational and…
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False Promise of Blanket Encryption

The false promise of blanket encryption Why data needs to be inspected before its put under lock and key With cyber-attacks on the rise and compliance with regulatory regimes like HIPAA and GDPR becoming more urgent, businesses have been turning to encryption as a catch-all tactic to ensure IP and personal data are protected. Make…
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Discover Dark Data

Information overload.   One of the key phenomena that has come to define the digital age.   The consequences of this information glut cover a wide spectrum.  From the analytical perspective, finding answers to important questions and identifying what constitutes relevant information, has become increasingly difficult for businesses seeking to navigate the sea of available…
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