Smart DLP

What is Data Loss Prevention Shelfware

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Shelfware With the huge volume of sensitive data companies must deal with today, it’s no wonder data loss protection (DLP) still tops the list of administrator concerns.   Despite the attention however, it seems that getting … Read More

Big data, heavy data & DCAP

Big data, heavy data & DCAP With information volumes surging and compliance burdens growing, enterprises need a new approach to data security   By 2025 humans will have generated 180 zettabytes of data [i]– or 180 trillion gigabytes. That’s a … Read More

Inaccuracies of Machine Learning

Inaccuracies of Machine Learning   Automation has found its way into every major technical industry.   And it’s no wonder why.   Streamlining operations with machines increases productivity and efficiency, especially for fields where large volumes of information are a … Read More

Guarding the Digital Assets ...

Data Centric Auditing and Protection

Today is the era of big data.   The volume of information that requires storage, processing, and assessment is growing at an exponential rate.   What this means for enterprises, is that new methods for managing digital data are becoming … Read More

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