Enterprise Data Loss Prevention & Data Protection

Enterprise Data Loss Prevention & Data Protection

Network Data Loss Prevention

Real-Time & Accurate, ALL Channels and ALL types of data, structured and /or unstructured, including OCR detection

Advanced Endpoint DLP

OPSWAT Certified. OFF-Premises, real-time Fingerprint Detection for Data in Use!! No other DLP solution can.

Data Discovery & Classification

Discover, Classify & Inventory - critical data including Exchange, PST/OST, NAS, SharePoint, Fileshares, Local Storage, Cloud Storage (Google apps, BOX, Dropbox, OneDrive ..), with OCR detection.

Content Aware Information Rights Management

Comprehensive access control to sensitive data.WHEN can each user access the information & WHERE the information can be used.

Cloud Security & Application Control

Control data from a myriad of sources— laptops, database exchanges, all cloud services, such as Amazon AWS, Amazon Cloud, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Cloud, Google Docs, Google Drive, Office 365, OneDrive, Salesforce, and more to Shadow IT (BYOx), .

SDKs for Multi-Tenant Enterprise DLP & Discovery

Integrate sophisticated content inspection engines into applications, allowing Real-Time Data Loss Prevention on all ports/protocols with virtually 100% accuracy.